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  • Чистота 8,5
  • Зручності 8,9
  • Розташування 8,7
  • Комфортність номерів/Стандарт: 8,7
  • Послуги 8,5
  • Ціна-якість 7,8
  • Страви/Організація харчування: 7,9
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Ethel з Філіппіни
Сім'я з дорослими дітьми
Samal - будинок
Зупинявся на 3 ночей в Серпень 2016 р.
Excellent service
One of our best vacation. Facilities are adequate for relaxation or adventure. Friendly and helpful staff. Great total ambiance.
Переглянуто 31 серпня 2016

lisanne з США
Mandaya House номери
Зупинявся на 3 ночей в Лютий 2016 р.
Great staff, good value
The property has a lot to offer however the activities are limited. The prices are very reasonable, food is decent and service is great. the spa is a little noisy based on the location. Had an enjoyable vacation.
Переглянуто 20 липня 2016

Adelfo з Філіппіни
Mandaya House номери
Зупинявся на одну ніч в Липень 2016 р.
Guest complain
They have a lot of bed bags in our bed and we complained to the FO and upon checking out they don't even ask me HOW AM I!! It's so disappointing after we spend 12,000 per night
Переглянуто 06 липня 2016

Zara з Філіппіни
Hilltop Стандартний номер
Зупинявся на 2 ночей в Червень 2016 р.
Peaceful and romantic place
The resort is very great and pleasing to the eyes because of tress and plants. The infinity pool is vey calming though it is only 4ft deep. The surroundings are clean and well-maintained. The rooms are clean, cozy and spacious. The staff are very accommodating and helpful. But the beach is not that good to swim because the sea floor is rocky and many crabs are roaming around the shore. But good for those who are divers because many fish will be seen. Just beware of the territorial fish. The food menu is limited. But the bar at the top of parola is beautiful and has a gret view.
Переглянуто 19 червня 2016

Ric з Філіппіни
Hilltop Стандартний номер
Зупинявся на одну ніч в Лютий 2016 р.
Beautiful resort.
It's my second time to stay here and I appreciate the renovations/improvements they did with the place. Good job!
Переглянуто 09 червня 2016

LETICIA з Австралія
Сім'я з дорослими дітьми
Mandaya House номери
Зупинявся на 2 ночей в Червень 2016 р.
Переглянуто 08 червня 2016

Lorlyn з Філіппіни
Mandaya House номери
Зупинявся на одну ніч в Червень 2016 р.
Truly a paradise...
hope they can have full meal inclusions or at least a Complimentary 1hr massage to make it super worth it. The service was superb were spoiled by staff....Though food was expensive, they have big servings enough for a group, hope they can have more food on the ala carte menu good for a single person or a couple like us.
Переглянуто 06 червня 2016

Jonel з Філіппіни
Індивідуальний мандрівник
Hilltop Стандартний номер
Зупинявся на одну ніч в Травень 2016 р.
Breathtaking views.
Переглянуто 08 травня 2016

Ruby з Філіппіни
Сім'я з маленькими дітьми
Samal - будинок
Зупинявся на 2 ночей в Травень 2016 р.
Must visit resort in davao
If you will go there, try also to visit their Malipano beach. It is located in a small island nearby, just 5 mins away via speed boat and the best thing is that the speed boat going there is free for guests.
Переглянуто 06 травня 2016

Pablo з Філіппіни
Mandaya House номери
Зупинявся на 2 ночей в Травень 2015 р.
Mostly superlative feedback. As it is an old resort there are sections that need updating/repair but it's clear that management is acting on it - roof of one of the cottages is being replaced. Wonderful location. Great amenities. Generous food that is fresh and of good quality. There was a time the spa was also being repaired so they offered to have the massage in the room. It's the first time I actually fell asleep while being massaged which is a compliment. If you're staying in one of the far cottages, you'll need to call in for transport (electric cars). Sometimes during peak time slots you'll need to wait. Overall a pleasant and relaxing stay. Was an experience worth repeating.
Переглянуто 02 травня 2016





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