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  • Умови перебування в готелі/Чистота: 8,9
  • Зручності 8,4
  • Розташування 8,3
  • Комфортність номерів/Стандарт: 8,7
  • Робота персоналу: 8,8
  • Ціна-якість: 8,3
  • Страви/Організація харчування: 7,6

15 серпня 2016
Peaceful relaxing getaway
Lovely place to stay. Peaceful and relaxing. Lovely staff and great facilities. Restaurant was on the pricey side. There are other local restaurants just out of the complex that charge half the price.

Thomas B.
12 серпня 2016
Worth 4-star resort
Great Location, clean an proper accommodation, very friendly and always helpful staff - good food.. i.e. everything at a 4-Star Level We felt all the time home and save.. Thus we highly recommend this resort..

Ewoud O.
05 серпня 2016
Fantastisc team on toplocation
Enjoyed eveything!

Solvej M.
02 серпня 2016
Solvej maron Denmark 23-27 july
Amazing place... Great food... Lovely staff 🙂

Steen M.
24 липня 2016
Stan M.
Just fantastic. Go there !

Joann Y.
19 липня 2016
Remote areas
Access is not convenient, the restaurant closed there will be nothing to eat. But a good environment, swimming pool facing the sea, very beautiful.

Leon H.
17 липня 2016
Not a 4 star resort
Not maintained and staffs were not helpful at all. Breakfast was ok and no room service whatsoever.

patcharin J.
10 липня 2016
Very good staff

Joan G.
05 липня 2016
Amazing place
We stumbled upon the village while making on the fly reservations and were so pleased and amazed at our "find." Our family suite was HUGE and a beautiful blend of traditional Thai and western sensibilities. My husband said the pool was the most beautiful pool he'd been in (and he's been in plenty!) and the kids (16 and 18) fell in love with the place too. Extra points for a strong wifi signal too.

Marcia A.
25 червня 2016
Beautifully designed property!