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  • Ціна-якість 7,9
  • Страви/Організація харчування: 7,5
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Roy з Австралія
Поїздка вдвох
Делюкс з виглядом на океан
Зупинявся на 2 ночей в Грудень 2012 р.
Lovely hotel with good service and great food
The position of the dinning area is just perfect for whatever occasion you are there for.
Have a lovely stay even though it was only a short one. the room was fantastic however was just a little too far to the dinning area and too many stairs for my wife. Will come back again and stay in room closer to the facilities.
Переглянуто 06 січня 2013

Michael з Південна Африка
Поїздка вдвох
Делюкс з виглядом на океан
Зупинявся на одну ніч в Грудень 2012 р.
Hotel positioned high up with spectacular views
The dining area has magnificent views
hotel has a high up position with spectacular views. the whole resort is plain and at times ageing.friendly, helpful and welcoming front desk. our room was pleasant, clean and simply furnished. the views from our bedroom were blocked by trees that need to be pruned. the dining area has magnificent views. meals are straightforward.
Переглянуто 04 січня 2013

Avinesh з Австралія
Поїздка вдвох
Делюкс з виглядом на океан
Зупинявся на 7 ночей в Грудень 2012 р.
Great location but Isolated
Nice resturant and nice Ocean views from Deluxe Ocean view rooms
It was a nice place with nice view. But your usual standard resort, nothing special. But we found ourselves paying tuk tuks everyday each way of about 300baht. Resort has a tuk tuk service but only makes two trips each day. We wanted to go out every night to see stuff, dine out etc. So this resort wasn't the best option for us. Next time I will book something closer to Patong. It was hard negotiating every day with tuk tuk drivers where the price ranged from 200 - 400 baht!!!! Have to be careful as even a phone call here will cost money 20bath/min. Staff really not that helpful and the resort drivers will also try and charge you higher fees for using them. I found it easier and much much cheaper to book somewhere else. Eg Secret cliff to airport was quoted to me @ 1000baht. I found a agency down the road for 700 baht. They will also charge you if you want to be dropped somewhere else from there usual drop off point. It has a really nice Thai massage place though. Really enjoyed this. Value for money.
Переглянуто 03 січня 2013

chen з Сінгапур
Поїздка вдвох
Делюкс з виглядом на океан
Зупинявся на 4 ночей в Грудень 2012 р.
Bad service from staff!
NO WIFI, spoilt telephone line, no motorbike rental and expensive transport to town and lots of mosquitos! Worst hotel i stayed in my so many trips to Phuket!
Переглянуто 02 січня 2013

Jenny з Австралія
Поїздка вдвох
Делюкс з виглядом на океан
Зупинявся на одну ніч в Грудень 2012 р.
Lovely views but poor service
We had a filtered view of the ocean which was very nice.
The service was disappointing and the hotel desperately needs upkeep. Its a pity because it is a lovely location albiet a 300Bh taxi ride from anywhere. Here are the main points to consider: The 'shuttle' service ran once or twice a day and the hotel is too far a distance to walk anywhere. The room had no DVD player or wifi and the tv reception was poor. A dvd player was 300Bh for a night. The air conditioner leaked water on the floor. The telephones in the rooms didn't work. The bathroom smelt terrible. The floor of our room was concrete. The manager was not at all helpful - the hotel messed up our initial booking as well as our airport transfer and not only was he unapologetic but he also tried to blame us. We were also charged 200Bh for a dirty towel. All would have been forgiven if the customer service was good but unfortunately it was the worst we had in our travels through Asia. We paid peak rates as it was high season and Revwere very disappointed. I don't advise staying here but if you do, make sure you are fit as the hotel is set on a steep hill without an internal shuttle.
Переглянуто 02 січня 2013

Simon з Німеччина
Поїздка вдвох
Півлюкс з виглядом на сад
Зупинявся на 3 ночей в Грудень 2012 р.
Beautiful Resort but unfriendly service
Beautiful, quiet, comfortable, clean, good restaurant
We stayed three nights at Seacliff Resort and our time was very well. The Resort has a good location with a small but nice swimming pool. The area is very quiet, comfortable, clean and has a good restaurant on the top with awesome view to Karon beach. Service at the restaurant was friendly and good and selection of dishes and also breakfast was versatile. Only the service of leading staff wasn't really good. In summary: - no updated information during waiting time of our room (arrival almost 3.00pm, check in time at 2.00pm!) - no friendly service at the reception (atleast we got good service from 2 thai staff) - no working wifi - friendly staff at the restaurant - good food
Переглянуто 02 січня 2013

Kevin з Сінгапур
Поїздка вдвох
Півлюкс з виглядом на сад
Зупинявся на 4 ночей в Грудень 2012 р.
gorgeous hotel with clean rooms.
beautiful and spacious rooms, lovely balcony area
The room was very spacious and relatively clean. The balcony area was lovely, with partial seaview, which is not a bad thing because I paid for the garden view room. Every morning will be greeted by the calls of nature and great weather. The breakfast spread was quite alright, particularly loving the prata with bananas made fresh in front of us. However travelling to the beaches or other shopping areas was troublesome as the hotel doesn't provide regular shuttle services out of the resort. They did help us call for taxi, but the rates are more expensive or equivalent to outside rates. The hotel staff is also not very helpful and have attitude problem when we seek them for help when we missed a shuttle service which left earlier than the scheduled time.
Переглянуто 01 січня 2013

fu з Китай
Поїздка вдвох
Делюкс з виглядом на океан
Зупинявся на 3 ночей в Грудень 2012 р.
good hotel for rlaxation
nice view
good hotel for relaxation, nice view at the balcony(you can enjoy the sunset), the location is between patong and karon, you can rent a motobike at the hotel for 300b/day. along the road there are small shops selling gasoline at 40b/bottle. the hotel restaurant is recommented, although the price is a bit high, it is worth it for the beautiful sea view.
Переглянуто 31 грудня 2012

Sylvia з Німеччина
Сім"я зі старшими дітьми
Сімейний Делюкс
Зупинявся на 4 ночей в Грудень 2012 р.
Nice location but the rest is nothing special
Located on top of a cliff within a forest
The booked transfer from the airport to the hotel worked well, even our arrival was very late. At around 1 am in the morning we moved into our room. We booked a so called Family Deluxe Seaview Room. To be honest our first impression was to stay in a big hospital room. The room is like a tube, with windows at the end. There was only a little decoration in the room. For the money (even if it was a special offer) we expect a little more charme. In the morning we asked if there is a possibility to change the room. As answer we got, that all rooms are booked. Due to some other reason we asked the same question to the hotel manager in the afternoon again, and suddenly there was a possibility to change the room. Though we moved in the romm right next to our current one. The advantage, now we have had at least some windows more and the feeling became a little bit better. As we read the hotel was built in 2007, though we were astonished that all the facilities looked more as they are at least 15 years old. Some more maintenance over all would be benefitial. The staff in the restaurant was very nice and also was very kind to our children. In general for small children it is not so easy because e.g. from our room to the restaurant you need to climb up around 70 - 80 stairs. The hotel has no own beach but with the tuk tuk service it is easy to go e.g. to Karon Beach (about 200 - 300 Bhat). It is one of the cleanest beaches we have seen. The swimming pool area was also not suitable to use for us because it was also very dangerous for small children (possibility to fll down the cliffs)
Переглянуто 29 грудня 2012

Huang з Сінгапур
Сім"я з малими дітьми
Делюкс з виглядом на океан
Зупинявся на 2 ночей в Грудень 2012 р.
Lovely hotel
est features of the hote
Very nice hotel for family trip,Very nice hotel for family trip,Very nice hotel for family trip,Very nice hotel for family trip,Very nice hotel for family trip,
Переглянуто 27 грудня 2012





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